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Inskrit (Petticoat) Measurement Form

Measurement in Click on find how to measure yourself

Inskrit (Petticoat) (Bottom Skirt)

  • Select Waist Size
    In Inches
    • Use measuring tape to take a full circle of your waist.
    • Keep your index finger between the tape and your waist to leave some space.
  • Select Hips Size
    In Inches
    • Take a full circle around hips with the measuring tape from the fullest part of your hips.
    • Allow your index finger to go through between the tape and waist.
  • Select Bottom Length
    In Inches
    • Stand straight and ensure tape is straight from back.
    • Put tape on your waist at the point where you generally tie your bottommost.
    • Pull tape straight downwards to ankle to the point where you want your bottoms to end.
    • Take extra margin for footwear height.
  • Select Your Height
    In Inches
    • Stand straight and take measuring tape from head to the end of floor.