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Pre-Stitched Sarees

Wear a saree in 15 seconds – magic of pre-stitched sarees

Cost to make saree pre-stitched includes cost to make saree ready to wear with attached inskirt.

Pre-stitched sarees are ready to wear sarees. These sarees are easy to wear and neither takes time nor needs any extra training in draping a saree. It includes pre-stitched pleats, an inskirt or petticoat and a blouse. One can easily wear it like a skirt and drape the loose end over the shoulder. Inskirt is attached inside of the saree. Blouse is ready made or stitched that is separate. It gives a perfect look.

The cost of making a pre-stitched saree, attaching inskirt inside it and stitching of blouse is covered in product cost. When you pay for a pre-stitched saree, you simply get all these things done.

These sarees are regular sarees that women can use in daily purpose. It just takes half to one minute to wear it. There is no hassle of draping. Since, Indians knows how to drape a saree, it becomes easy for them to carry it. For Non-Indians or people who don’t know how to wear it can try Pre-Stitched saree as it is the best option for getting such beautiful outfit on.