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Silk Sarees
9 yards of beauty has always been a reflection of India’s rich culture and heritage. Silk sarees for the wedding have become very prominent and has led to the surge of many online portals selling traditional silk sarees and the modern ones as well. One of the oldest Forms of sareesare the silk saree. Silk was originally discovered in China around 2570 BC. However,with the industrialization and globalization silk reached various other nations and owing to itssuperior properties, it became one of the premium products.Later, after the excavations and surveys unveiled that Sericulture was prominent during the Harappaand Chanadro times. It had its prevalence during the Indus Valley Civilization since 2470 BC. Silk hasreigned as a premium luxury good ever since its discovery in China around 2570 BC. The researchalso shows that people used the same technique as Chinese to weave the silk. It is speculated thatthe Chinese taught the people of Indus Valley Civilization.

Elegant and printed Silk Saree – a must for every woman

Whether it is Kanchipuram silk from Chennai, UppadaSarees from Andhra, Benarasisarees from
Varanasi, PaithaniSarees from Maharashtra, Tussar silk from West Bengal, Assam silk; every Indian
the woman does have a permanent place for one of these in her wardrobe.Printed pure silk sarees have become a trend, and you can find myriads of designs in the same. The reason for such an acclivitous demand for soft silk sarees is owing to opulence and aristocracy which these sarees embark once they are draped. There is nothing more elegant and dignified than a woman elegantly draped in a designer silk saree with stonework, it finds its place from the traditional occasion to the contemporary cocktail parties. Silk in India-Sericulture and silk weaving is considered an exalted art in India. In the earlier times, during the Mughal era, craftsman and weavers from all across the nation were called to weave silk which was then supplied to the Mughal emperor and people of high-ranking. The traders not only bought the finished silk products for sale but also bought the silk threads for use. The design on the silk garments shows the influence of the Persian, Egyptian and Syrian culture. During the ancient times, the weaving centres for silk was mainly based in Gujarat, Surat, and Malva. However, today the silk weaving art and culture is majorly carried out in Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu. Of these, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Gobichettipalayamregion of Tamil Nadu first used the automated silk reeling units.

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Indian Saree Collection is a one-stop shop to purchase different variants of soft silk sarees online. Whether you are looking for a  kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping or new model silk sarees, you will find all the options available on our portal. We also have an extensive collection of silk sarees for a wedding that will make you look even more extravagant on your wedding day. You will find all the variants of designer silk sarees with a price on our portal. Just click it to make it yours.  
We make sure that all the sarees sold from our portal not only make a place in your wardrobe but also in your heart. Where you are a newlywed or are looking for a new model  silk sarees for your office, you can find a wide range of collections readily available on our portal at the best price. Indian Saree Collection has collaborated directly with the weaver to provide you with the best range of printed silk sarees, soft silk sarees and silk sarees with stonework which matches the variegated requirements of the client.
It is assured that the saree that you buy on our portal will be of the highest quality and will exude royalty, elegance, and class every time you wear them. So if you are looking for a place to buy designer silk sarees online, Indian Saree Collection is the right place for you. We have sarees designed for every occasion and every function. If you wish to buy sarees that will turn the eyeballs, you will find the right match on our portal.