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FAQ – Complain Related

For us customer happiness and satisfaction is at most. We are always there to help our customers in any kind of product purchase or enquiry related concerns. We have an easy return and exchange policy.

As we offer stitched and un-stitched products; our process also differs for them.

Case 1: Return/Exchange for poor stitching.

Kindly send a complain at [email protected]   with a subject line – Return/Exchange (Order Number) + (Product Code).

It is recommended to mention the actual reason of return along with your actual fitting size. Also, for reference attach an image of measurement tape or scale placed on product showing the difference in stitching and given size. Our customer service team will respond you within 1 or 2 business working days. We ensure the best solution for your concerns.

Case 2: Return/Exchanges for un-stitched products.

Kindly send a complain at [email protected]  with a subject line – Return/Exchange (Order Number) + (Product Code).

It is advised to mention the actual reason of product return i.e. product color is not same, different from shown in product picture etc. Also, click a supporting picture and attach in email for reference. Our team will review your complain and typically reply you within 1 or 2 business working days. We assure you 100% solution to your concerns.

This is advised to keep in mind while purchasing a product that a slight variation of about 10% from product images shown on website is normal as such variations occur due to light effects during product photography.

While returning product, make sure it is returned in its original packaging. Once we receive product, our team review it and verify your complain. If return is accepted, money can be refunded or you can exchange with a new product.

The product return cost is to be bear by customer itself. We are not responsible for paying money more than the actual amount paid to us while purchasing an item.

Kindly send a complain at [email protected]  with a subject line – Return/Exchange (Order Number) + (Product Code).

Please share your feedback for stitched product. Mention what size is not correct. It is recommended to attach an image of product with measurement difference between the stitched product and your given sizes. We ensure that our customer service team will review your complain and reply you within 1 or 2 business working days with a solution. Our team will take complete care of product and provide you 100% solution to the relative concerns.

When a product is returned our customer service team review it and the nature of complain. There are few situations depending on which the shipping charge payer decided.

If product is unstitched, bad shaped, defective product etc.

In such cases, the client need to return the product and return cost is borne by customer initially. Our team checks product and filed complain. Once it is found that customer’s complain is genuine and mistake is from our end, either replacement or refund is made.

If replacement is made then we bore the shipping cost of delivering new product. If refund is made the refund amount cannot exceed the amount paid while purchasing product.

Not happy with product quality

If product quality is not as expected by client then client can return product. The return cost is bear by customer. If exchange is accepted then we will pay the shipping charges of new product. If refund is accepted then refund amount cannot exceed the amount paid during product purchase.

If product stitching does not match customer’s given measurements

Product can be returned in this case. Initially the customer has to borne shipping amount. Once we receive the product, our tailoring team will check the issues made in your complain. Once it is found that customer’s concerns are right, exchange or refund is done.

In case of replacement, we bear the shipping cost of new product. If refund accepted then refund amount cannot exceed paid amount.

If customer received wrong product

The chances of such cases are very low. But, it may happen sometimes due to mistake of either us or Courier Company. If it happens we arrange a product pick up. After product inspection if replacement is accepted then we bear shipping charges of delivering new product. If refund is to be made then refund amount cannot be more than amount paid.

If you didn’t like the received product then file a complaint at [email protected] with a subject line – Return/Exchange (Order Number) + (Product Code). Also, mention the actual issue with product like color is not same or not same cloth work etc. We request you to kindly attach an image of product for reference. This is only applicable for unstitched products only.

We strive hard to revert you within 1 or 2 business working days with a 100% solution. As already explained; color variation of about 10% is normal as such variations occurs due to light effects during product photography. So, small variations are normal. Please keep in mind, while returning product it must be in its original packaging. Once we receive the product, our team verifies it and if complain found genuine, we refund the full paid amount or you can opt for product exchange option in which a new product is shipped as replacement. The shipping cost of product return is borne by customer itself. We bear the new product’s cost of shipping.

General related FAQ

Our order process is very easy. Follow these easy steps to order a product.

  1. Explore our collection and select the catalog.
  2. Add selected product to the cart or shopping bag.
  3. Once you are done with adding a product or multiple products in cart, click on shopping bag and add stitching options (if required).
  4. Now click checkout and make the payment.
  5. You will receive an order confirmation.

That simple it is. So, now view our collection of Indian ethnic wears and keep shopping.

Yes, we do have this facility. We can make quick order delivery before tentative date. To get quick or early delivery, the customer have to email us at [email protected] with product code and date by when he/she is expecting the delivery. Our sales team will reply you within 1 business working day by email. Once we confirm you shipping and delivery date, customer can order that product. Once you place an order, you would need to send us an email again with order Id and product code so that our sales team will take follow up and ensure delivery on committed date.

There is NO extra fee for quick order. We put all our efforts to make our customer happy by delivering product on committed timeline. If there is any unplanned holiday or unexpected circumstances, we inform customer as soon as possible.

Measurement- Stitching related FAQ

Yes, you can send your measurement details via email at-  [email protected] 

The standard size chart for Salwar Kameez is available at this link - Click

Payment Related FAQ

While making an order you can choose a payment mode either online or offline.

In case of online payment mode, we accept all master, visa, discover and American express credit cards and debit cards.

In case of offline payment mode

  • International orders need to make payment through bank transfers only.
  • Indian orders can make direct bank deposit or NEFT. For more details contact our customer service team [email protected].
  • COD (Cash on Delivery) option is only available for India.

Yes, you can make your order payment in our bank accounts directly.

Our Bank Details are: JITENDRA TEXTILE

A/C: 677105600647 BANK: ICICI bank


RTGS / NEFT / IFSC code:  ICIC0006771

MICR Code: 302229042

It completely depends on the respective country where product is to deliver. If the respective destination has any custom duty, VAT, PST, GST or any other local charges then it is applicable on orders and same has to be paid at the time of product delivery by the buyer.

The amount of such duties is depends on the invoice attached with product package when shipped and delivered.

COD option is only available for Indian orders. International deliveries are not accepted as COD. We can deliver product on COD only if the delivery has to make on Indian Address.

When you order a product through IndianSareeCollection.com, you will get various payment options. When you pay using PAYPAL by credit card, your payment is done in your local currency.

If you pay from out of India but using Indian credit card, your payment is done in Indian Rupees at the rate of existing inter-bank.

Sometimes the credit cards are denied on PayPal. The answer as stated on PayPal website is –

“A credit card might also be denied if:

  • The card issuer is having technical problems that prevent authorization of a transaction.
  • The card issuer sees a charge that doesn’t fit your normal spending patterns and blocks the transaction to protect you.
  • You’ve inadvertently exceeded the limit on your card.

If you know that your credit card is valid but your payment doesn’t go through, you might want to:

  • Contact your credit card issuer directly. Ask why your card was declined, and whether you can still use it. If you can still use your card, please try your transaction again.
  • Pay securely online using your bank account. You can link your bank account to your PayPal account in just a few minutes. The merchant never sees your financial or other personal information.
  • Link a different credit card to your PayPal account.”

Product related FAQ

Yes, we strive hard to provide customer the real view of a product. But, a 10% color variation is normal because sometimes photography sessions create such color variations. If there is major variation in product color or in work, we inform same to our customers before dispatching product.

Pre-stitched sarees are ready to wear sarees. These sarees are easy to wear and neither takes time nor needs any extra training in draping a saree. It includes pre-stitched pleats, an inskirt or petticoat and a blouse. One can easily wear it like a skirt and drape the loose end over the shoulder. Inskirt is attached inside of the saree. Blouse is ready made or stitched that is separate. It gives a perfect look.

The cost of making a pre-stitched saree, attaching inskirt inside it and stitching of blouse is covered in product cost. When you pay for a pre-stitched saree, you simply get all these things done.

These sarees are regular sarees that women can use in daily purpose. It just takes half to one minute to wear it. There is no hassle of draping. Since, Indians knows how to drape a saree, it becomes easy for them to carry it. For Non-Indians or people who don’t know how to wear it can try Pre-Stitched saree as it is the best option for getting such beautiful outfit on.

If you want a rush delivery of your product then you can write to us at [email protected]

 Our representative will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Kindly send us a request email before making an order and mention your product code and your expected delivery date.

It is also recommended to provide us more details regarding product so that we can understand your requirement, check our stock and do best possible thing to make sure that we serve you the best.

Our team will coordinate with you further and will take care of everything.

Sometimes customer makes payment but no longer need that product and prefers to change it. In such case, we provide you a facility of changing product. You just need to send us an email consisting of your old product code and details along with your newly chosen product you wish to order instead. You can write to us at [email protected] 

Our team will help you in updating your order with your new selection. If there is any cost difference then our team will do some setup for you to pay or refund depending on nature of your order.

Please keep in mind, if your product is already shipped or stitched to your size, before you send us any request then the order cannot be cancelled.

This can happen as many new products keep on adding in our collections and many products get out of stock and dis-continue as well. To help you in searching a product from our collections we provide you with an option of ‘search by product code’. Write the correct code and search. If the product is found then you will get that product on website else product is dis-continued.

If you are interested in buying that product, feel free to write us about it at [email protected] . Mention product code and picture if you have any. Our team will definitely respond you within 1-2 business working days and tell you best thing we can do for you.

We will try hard to provide you the same product as per your requirement.

The product status will be emailed to the customer. Whenever it is ready to ship, we will send you an email.

The product is shipped same day, if there is just one product in order. The tracking number will be emailed you as soon as possible.

It takes one or more days to ship an order if it consist two or more products as we need to wait for other products. We wait to get all products and then ship all together.

If you need rush or quick delivery then you can email us a request consisting your product code with your expected delivery date prior to making an order. Our sales team will provide you full assistance into such cases and respond you within 1-2 business working days.

Shipping related FAQ

Shipping charges are depends on product weight for all the regions where we offer our services. For more information about extra charges, terms and conditions read our shopping policy or mail to [email protected] 

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