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Raw Silk Kurta Pyjama in Green

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Tentative Delivery Date :   14-Mar-2021 ( +5 Days Added in Tentative Delivery date for Stitching )

10% Extra charge for chest size above 42 inches.

Product Specification
Raw Silk
Fancy, Thread
Engagement, Party Wear, Wedding
Kurta Pyjama
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Fabricated of ethnic coral saffron color silk material, this shinning diamond button fashioned kurta is made especially for evening functions like sangeet as it has 24 pp chain, jarkan diamonds and resham work on its collar, placket, and cuffs to make it one in latest trends.

If you wish to keep your cloth new for long, you must take care of them. While buying online, you must know that the colour of the delivered product might vary from picture because of the photography. Also, you must get the delicate clothes dry-cleaned and store them in airy place.

Embroidery- Embroidery has a lot of thread work, roughly handling such clothing may damage the thread and affect the garment. For such clothing it is advised to wash the garment inside out and also dry them inside out.

Cotton garments -Cotton needs to be handled with care. First of all, it is always advisable to wash the cotton garments separately as some of them might bleed colour. What you need to do is soak it for 10-15 minutes in a bucket with rock salt, this works as a sealant and doesn’t allow the colour to bleed. Do not wring it vigorously and dry them inside out; also store the cotton garments in an airy but humid free cupboard.

Hand-printed - These type of garments have become very popular nowadays. The colour of such materials might bleed. So wash them separately. Add rock salt to the water while soaking them and it will prevent it from getting faded and losing colour.

Silk Garments- They are one of the most attractive looking pieces. Never machine wash or hand-wash silk garment. Always dry-clean them. If it gets stained, wipe it off with cold water. Also, after washing, don’t dry the silk garment directly in the sun.

Woolen- Well, for most of the woolen clothes, the manufacturer advises to get them dry-cleaned. If you are washing them in machine or hand-wash, then you must soak them in lukewarm water inside out. Don’t rub the woolen clothes rough and don’t wring it too much but gently squeeze them out.

We hope these advises and suggestions will help you retain your saree’s shine and texture for long.

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